Sep 09

Writing Schedule

I was pondering what to do after the current story I’m working on (not that it will be complete soon). Scifi or Horror. The stories I want to tell tend to be a blend of both so it’s hard to distinguish at times. But I think I’ll just go ahead and do “Above the Waves” next (Suicidal 14 year old girl makes her way through a few tough decisions), as it has a similar dark theme, then “For I Am Alone and The Universe Vast” (the story of a boy and his fish), then lighten up a bit with “Pastoral Scenes in PolyCarbon” (about a man and his house), then maybe “The Red Rains of London” (scifi/war) … then back to the novel.

Sep 07


“Love is within the eyes, hatred within the silences.”

Sep 07

Slow Start

Well, it’s been a rough, slow restart but am beginning to get traction writing again. (On “Alone in the House of Marionettes”.) Aside from what she was wearing, the main female character got completely tossed out. Her replacement is no where near as passive. And her reworked backstory fits in better with the over all theme. This actually ended up changing a few key points in the story, but for the better I think. Still not sure about the main male — some of his actions are wanting to wander off in an area that has a Clockwork Orange vibe, which is bothering me.

Anyway, it’s progress.

Sep 07


When I was a kid I would sometimes invite the newly dead to come live in me because I was sorry for them.

Sep 05

Full Disclosure

This may come as a surprise to some but… I … I um, … I’m a manic depressive. That means that sometimes I’m square (normal). Other times I’m high as a fucking kite. ROBIN WILLIAMS HIGH. well not quite that high. The rest of the time I’m a mildly depressed porcupine. I just want someone to hug me but no one will.

Sep 05

Dreams of other worlds…

Something that frustrates me is from time to time when I wake abruptly and thus can remember my dreams…
there are songs, playing in them, fully formed, vocals and lyrics.

Like today, the chorus was:
“we were brothers inside out
we were brothers inside in”

Sung by either two women, or one in a small room with acoustic echoes, with an Irish or Scottish twang, almost spoken word.

The pesky part is this had a subtle but full orchestral backing. It’s almost always like that — can record a lot of the words, but the music is too complex for me to record anything but a minimal description of it. It’s frustrating not having the technical skills to be able to capture it before it fades. I can hold it in memory a while through the day but at some point… it’s lost.

This happens often enough I’ve started a journal.

Anytime I look up the lyrics, they can’t be found. So my brain is creating fully formed musical scores while I doze. Or.. my personal alternative theory is in an alternative quantum universe one of my doubles is a musician I’m catching glimpses of their work. Or they just watch a lot of of alt-verse music videos.

Apr 17

Among the living…

Sometimes I think there are probably only a few thousand living people in the world, and the rest are tantamount to automatons that fill in as background dressing.

Apr 08

Site update…

Seems the latest version of the theme I’ve been using has corrupted several parts of the site. Annoying. I specifically chose to use stock WordPress because I didn’t want to have to do any custom coding for it — I do enough of that for work, so when I write I want to just write, not be distracted by technical stuff constantly.

I guess I do need to just break down, learn karate, er WordPress, and code my own custom theme. Only way to be somewhat sure nothing breaks, or if it does I can fix it pronto.



While I’m at it, could use a clean port over to laravel 4. ;-)


Feb 26

Once I Loved

weary i watch the sky fall

and peak then faint above the cold horizon

come brief morning



to changing weather

and the flow of days passing


tired of waiting

for the warmth of dimly remembered summer

i wander off



Copyright (c) 2014, Lewis A. Sellers. All Rights Reserved.

Nov 02

Posts and lost little mes*

Well, I have several partially completed posts sitting there ever so patiently waiting for me to finish them. I’ll have to see about getting to one or two this week. First up, one about “thread heat” (that is, in story fiction, not the bolts that keep the tires on your car at 120kph). Then a sort of introspection on my wife’s first horror series and how it came about. (Note: She’s working on the 3rd one in tandem with #nanowrimo. It wasn’t exactly planned that way, but there was a 1 out of 12 chance the months would coincide. ;))

In the meantime, I’m kind of hanging out on twitter these days if you want to say hi.


*Yes, I had to double check the plural of me is in fact, mes. I suppose that’s something you don’t even think about unless you’re a fiction writer. ;)

Aug 14

The ghost of a future blog redesign stares at me….

I think this weekend I aught to neo-up “advanced wordpress” into my brain and get around to making my blog as nice as my wife’s–but, you know, with aliens, androids, nukes and endless firefights. Maybe some loud deathmetal playing when you first visit the site. Well, ok, skip the death metal. But it needs some work. :)

Aug 14


Am going through and working out the details of the plot for the last 3rd of my WIP (writing that and all the changes out in a pseudo rambling narration) … and am noticing the book seems like one long firefight if you tilt your head and look at it just so. Hrmm.
#amwriting #amkillingcharacters

Aug 08

Updates to Out into the Void and Balance as well as Novel Status

The short scifi/military story Out into the Void has been revised. The update corrects minor issues with spelling, grammar and formatting. Additionally, a few scenes were rewritten or expanded upon. As to that, I had been experimenting with writing the story in a somewhat terse manner — but that confused more than a few people, so now some of the conversation and dialog are more … explicit.

While I was at it, I made a few minor corrections on  Balance.

Updates are now making their way slowly through the publishing/distribution systems at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc and should be available within a few days at most.

As far as the upcoming novel goes, have about another hundred pages to work through atm. The wife and I are now in a sort of race to see who gets done first — she’s trying to complete the entire series of Gorgon Star Books before Halloween, while I’m only aiming at getting one book done. Mine is longer though. :-)


BTW, < begin hawking wares >
did I mention her first book, Skein, is now available exclusively on Amazon?
< / end hawking >

Aug 06

In case…

Random trivia about me: I carry a moleskin and a pen in my back pocket wherever I go. Just in case. :)

Aug 03

Skein, the new horror novel by C.J.Sellers — coming very soon to a tablet near you

Spending the morning working on setting up the formatting for the master copy of my wife’s first novel Skein. And doing a bit of final line editing/proofreading as I go along. Should be live on Amazon as early as monday or tuesday. :)

Jul 27

Yo, what’cha doing?

#anwriting #amproofing ssh.

Jul 24


So I’ve inspired the wife-type-person to finish her novel


Jul 10

It is 4am…

Hmm. It is 4am… and I find myself up, working on the novel and glancing through writing forums. Hmm. Wearing the #amauthor tag is tiring at times. :)


Jul 01

Out into the Void – final revision

There is a final revision of “Out into the Void” making it’s way across the internet. This addresses some grammar issues that arose from last minute editing of the short story. Also a few parts were slightly rewritten to — hopefully — have clearer characterization and/or description.

In any event, unless someone points out some issues with it, this is probably the last revision for a very long time.


Jun 27

Out into the Void – now on Amazon Kindle

Out into the Void (A Short Story).v2 cynthia.small

Damn typos. Well, that aside (which will be fixed by weekend) my second short story is making its way across the internet today. And has just made an appearance on Amazon for Kindle. :)
#amwriting #amauthor

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